Who's Emma?

British Ex-pat, former actress from nothing you've ever seen, Podcast Host, wellness-obsessed, always growing.

Hi friends! I'm just Emma, talking about my dilemmas, and how I got happy. So I'm making a space to share what I know, who has helped me, what podcast inspires me, which motivational speaker has the best quotes, how to start your day excited and go to bed satisfied. Listen along to my podcast, The Dilemmas of Emma, as I share what I know, what I don't, and everything in between.

 Here's the thing about me: I LOVE self-development. It's the work that changed my life. That changed my perspective. Helped me develop positive traits that weren't natural to me & kick the habits that weren't serving me. I'm constantly on the journey to my best self, physically, mentally, spiritually. Now, I'm not DONE, I'm always learning and certainly I'm not an expert or a professional counselor, teacher or... ANYTHING-ER.

But I am passionate.

I care about coaching other women through the abundance of tips, tricks, and hacks out there to make life better, simpler, HAPPIER. In my free time, I read about how to schedule, choosing priorities, mental clarity, new workouts, different routines, how to meditate, what to do when you suck at meditating. It's what I love and I've come to develop my own systems and habits that have gotten me to where I am now.


And where am I now? In a job I love. Married to my best friend. Controlling my anxiety, not the other way around. In the best health of my life. Hopeful, optimistic, engaged & connected.

Does it sound like I'm bragging?

I am.

Beacuse I used to DREAM about this life and it took work to get here. I used to live quite the opposite life I live now. The best part is that you can do this too. Sure, my best life might not look like your best life -- and it shouldn't -- but I do believe that you have greatness within you.

Potential within you.

MORE within you.